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About Rite Products

Company History

Rite Products, Inc. was founded by Mark Sauder in 1992 in Grabill, Indiana. Mark is a general contractor by trade and is known as a local expert craftsman when it comes to custom home building. With over 35 years in the industry, Mark is familiar with many common headaches that go along with building a home. The products he invented, FlashRite and Bandit Latch, are aimed at alleviating those headaches to make the building process smoother. His innovative designs have become staples for many contractors and homeowners nation wide. Rite Products are carried nationally by several chains as as well as locally by supply stores and lumberyards.  


FlashRite is a flexible, one-peice corner shingle that is universal and can be used on any residential roof. FlashRite was invented by Sauder in 1992 and has been benefiting contractors and homeowners ever since. Sauder created FlashRite to solve the common problem of holes and leaks in the corners of base flashing on residential roofs. FlashRite is an easy and cost effective way to keep roofs from leaking and to save a roofing contractor's reputation. To learn more about FlashRite's features and installation instructions, visit                            page. 

Bandit Latch

Bandit Latch is a secure and adjustable door jamb insert designed for use on residential entry doors. Bandit Latch was invented by Sauder in 2010 to alleviate the headache and frustrations that can go along with entry door installation. Bandit Latch can be adjusted three different ways to ensure that entry doors are installed perfectly every time. A perfect installation, along with the added strength equal an entry door that is three times stronger than a standard installation. For additional information, strength test results, and installation instructions, please visit                           page.



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