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Labor Saving Strike Plate

1. Save 30 Minutes on Door Installation

2. Achieve Strong and More Trouble Free Entry Doors


3. Fewer Costly Callbacks

The Only Adjustable Strike Plate with Added Security


Installing a door correctly can frequently result in additional time that the installer may or may not get paid for. Even worse is when the contractor is called back to make an adjustment.  A call back for a simple adjustment can turn a profitable job into a loss.

While the direct cost of a call back is high, the indirectly cost to your reputation could be even higher.


The BandIt Latch Strike Plate can save an installer up to 30 valuable minutes on each door.  

Bandit Latch eliminates the tedious job of hand mortising and drilling for a traditional dead bolt strike plate. This time consuming process often results in a less than perfect wood to metal fit. 

Bandit Latch's adjustability makes it easy to get perfect door bolt operation along with a perfect door seal. This adjustability extends for the life of the door. 

Easy to Teach the New Guy


Your most experienced people, probably have no

problems installing a an entry door.  Even they can save

up to 30 minutes when they use the Bandit Latch.


With Bandit Latch, even your least experienced employees can easily get the door hardware working smoothly. They can also quickly get the right amount of pressure on the compression weather stripping.


The real benefit to a contractor is that you can now train

a less experienced person to install an entry door correctly. 

This gives you more flexibility with your crews.

One Kick and You're In


Did you know that over 70% of home invasion involve a forced entry through a door or window? The Door Jamb and Strike Plate are the weakest part of an entry door. This portion of the door is typically what breaks to allow a forced entry. Even entry doors with a dead bold installed are easily kicked in with one kick. Bandit Latch attacks this problem head on and gives the homeowner peace of mind. 

Bandit Latch tested to three times stronger than a typical door installation.

  • In kick testing doors with Bandit Latch installed, the doors are remarkably strong.  When the entry door was kicked multiple times the door slab buckled or the door bolts failed before the jamb broke.

  • A 16" steel plate transfers the impact to the strong 1 ¼" exterior portion of the doorjamb.

  • Reinforced with a two-layer steel box beam construction on interior of door bolts.

  • ​Bandit Latch uses two 3’’ screws through the mechanical jamb adjusters that screw into the strong center portion of the framing stud.

Additional Information

Installation using the Saber Saw Method

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