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What's the Problem?

Replacing a roof is an expensive project for homeowners. After spending the money to buy a new roof, the last thing homeowners want is for it to start leaking. However, studies show that 30% of roofs will leak within the first year after installation. Many of those leaks are due to poor workmanship during installation. The probability of leaks will continue to increase over the life of the roof.


A comon place for leaks to occur is around the chimney and along dormer walls. This is common becasue there are holes present anytime base flashing meets a corner. It is impossible to make an outside corner from base flashing without a hole.  

Typical hole in the base flashing.

FlashRite eliminates the hole in the corner.

Multiple uses for FlashRite.

FlashRite is the Solution.

FlashRite is a one-piece aluminum corner shingle desinged specifically for roofing contractors to use where holes exist in base flashings. The design quickly and easily eliminates the hole in the base flashing and prevents leaks for the life of the roof. FlashRite corner shingles make flashing a corner quick and easy while simultaneously improving the quality of the workmanship.


  • Can be used right hand or left hand.

  • Conveniently able to be used around any wall corners, including chimneys, dormers, two story walls, and anywhere ridge caps meet a wall.

  • Works as head or sill flashing.

  • Can be used with standard base flashing materials.

  • Flexible enough to form to any roof pitch.

  • Saves time and money over alternate solutions.

  • Good for the lifetime of the roof.

  • Improves the quality of the flashing - the most important part of the roof installation.

  • No need to rely on roof cement.

  • Saves contractors time and money on expensive call-backs and repairs.

  • Roofing contractors will have a reputation for high quality roofing projects. 

  • Also available in Copper!


No Holes, No Leaks, No Call Backs.

No Holes


FlashRite Corner Shingles are a huge time saver on any job! The one-peice design eliminates the hole in the critical corners of the base flashing. This saves the contractor the time and trouble involved in fabricating a corner from sheet goods. 

No Leaks


By eliminating the holes in the corners of the base flashing, FlashRite also removes the need to rely on roof cement to seal the corner. Roof cement is unreliable and will not last the life of the roof. Using FlashRite will result in a superior flashing job that will last the entire lifetime of the roof. 

No Call Backs


Call backs for leaking roofs can cost the contractor valuable time and money. When holes and leaks are eliminated, so are call backs. FlashRite improves the quality of workmanship and, in turn, creates a better reputation for contractors. We all know that an excellent reputation is priceless!


Additional Information

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